Ragul. R, hailing from Queen of Hills, Coonoor, Ooty has been one among the crowd in town doing his schooling at Stanes Hr. Sec School until he found his great passion in field of sports. His dreams from childhood to make himself unique among all started in making him fit to look the world with courage by taking his first step in Karate. As the so called Karate Kid at the age of Seven he took his lead into it and made himself as an example by knowing as one of the youngest child to receive the Black belt and as the first person to receive this honour at a young age.

     His dreams turned to be more passion and he made himself as a regular contestant in various levels of competitions held in and around the state of Tamil Nadu. As a resident of Coonoor apart from enjoying the sight of beauty with a hot tea in hand he found himself relaxed as he entered the next step of indoor games. He often visited the club in his area along with his friends just to engage himself with some games played in there. But just like that the curiosity for him to know the magic of a ball and a racket on the table made him think to pick up as next dream. This was just a start for him and that went on never ending lane. The love and the dedication that he showed towards Table Tennis made him knock down many floors. 

 Ragul the young man, never gave up his love on sports even when he started his Bachelor’s degree at Karunya Unviversity while pursuing his B.E in Mechanical engineering. His participation has never failed even though the ages flew. His awards and participation in different zones made him enthusiastic that even when his Mother land had taken  him to the “Land Of Midnight Sun” Norway for his career  he has never failed his duties as a responsible son and has never failed to be a sportsman too. He joined in one of the club in Norway and took his role in the National league. He started his role there initially by playing from Division 5 and reached upto 2nd division. His day to day life at home town made him experience the flavour of his lovable sport with European players. His life with hot dogs, brown cheese and hot coffee did not restrict him at the dark nights of cold winter and snow. He freezed himself in his passion and just made his talent showcased as he was taken to different paths. The start at age of seven moved him all way around creating victories and setting examples to his near ones. His dedication his going on where he even guides his people to make an impact towards the sport of Table Tennis.

Uniquness is special and creating identity for oneself is victory .No childhood passion will go in vain nor love towards your dream will be a passing cloud. Ragul. R  has made this phrase into reality and still leading his steps forward.

"Nothing is as important as passion. No matter what you want to do with your life, be passionate."

-Jon Bon Jovi

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